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Request Feedback on Your New Products & Features

Request Feedback on Your New Products & Features

We're a community of passionate users from varied and diverse backgrounds. Each user has a plethora of SaaS experience, giving brands a unique way to collect targeted user feedback on the new products and features they are building.

Have you built a new feature or product?

We're looking for SaaS products for Sales, Marketing, or other departments. Our team will provide product feedback to your team directly via 1 on 1 interviews or email/Slack/Skype (you choose).

How it works.

Simply complete the product feedback request form and we'll get in touch with you. Then, we'll source the right feedback representative for your business needs. We'll negotiate the price of member feedback based on your budget and the level of the ProductFeedback member's experience within a competing or similar software or the number of years within their role/industry.


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